Friday, November 28, 2008


This time, I'm gonna write more about bands because I did more on artistes in the previous posts. This time, I'm gonna make it loud and clear. No offense to some ppl but to me, Tokio Hotel is described in only one word, GAY!!! Ok? I'm done. So that means I'm not gonna comment about Tokio Hotel later. Now for my impression about 10 bands and maybe a little more that I randomly choose..

Jonas Brothers- Sometimes I like'em, sometimes I don't. But there're only 2 songs I like from this band, SOS and Lovebug.
Good Charlotte- Never heard about them for quite some time. I like this band and almost all of their songs.
Foo Fighters- Don't really know this band but their rock song, The Pretender was ROCKIN'!!!
Simple Plan- I've got their album, thanks to Fly FM. Listened to all of their songs. Their songs were ok. So I have no comments.
Linkin Park- There are some songs that girls don't like but I like it such as Bleed It Out. Recently I here them sing slow songs like Shadow of The Day and Leave Out All The Rest. Not bad.
Boys Like Girls- Nothing much to say about them. I like this band and all of their songs.
Fallout Boy- I'm ok with this band. No comments also. There are some songs of theirs which are nasty.
Maroon 5- I really like this band. Their songs are nice, especially the jazzy ones.
Click Five- I like this band also. All their pop songs are very nice. They're very easy going.
Panic at The Disco- No comments. All of their songs are nice, especially the ones from their new album, Pretty Odd.
My Chemical Romance- Some ppl may think they're demonic, but I really like this band somehow.
Slipknot- Their songs are rocking. Sigh. If only they were not satanic. PSYCHOSOCIAL!!

Those not so famous bands like 3 Doors Down, The Script, Snow Patrol and the others were not given any comments because for the most of these bands, I only know their songs. Kay. I'm done..

Monday, November 17, 2008


The world of music is very wide. Thousands of artists around the whole world singing different types of songs. The variety of music is a a lot. Such as rock, hiphop, pop, country and so much more. Boys and girls like different types of artists and bands. Girls can go crazy about a gay group like Tokio Hotel. Some girls like those punk type of artists like Avril Lavigne who really influenced the whole world. While boys like those hiphop type of artists such as Flo-rida, T-pain and all those lame artists who have their name with a "lil" in front. Some like those cool bands like Fort Minor. Are they cool anyway? They may also like girl groups dressed scantily such as Pussycat Dolls. Imagine that, ppl can like an artist or a group just because of their appearances and how they dress. For me... I think I'll just name out about 5 girl artists and 5 guy artists and comment about them and their songs.

Ladies first of course,
Avril Lavigne- I like her songs from 'Complicated' till 'Hot'. Her songs are those punk/rock type. Her slow songs like 'When Your Gone' are quite nice and meaningful.
Lil' Mama- This rapper raps superbly. Extremely fast. Her songs are all about hiphop and rap. I like this artist.
Rihanna- This girl, her songs are quite ok but her music videos are EEWWW..
Leona Lewis- When she appeared in the music industry, I thought her songs were sick. But I kinda changed my mind after I heard 'Better in time'.
Pussycat Dolls- The only thing I hate about them is they dress like nevermind. Let's just skip it.

Now for the men,
Chris Brown- I like his fast songs like 'Wall to wall' and 'Kiss kiss feat. T-pain'. But his slow songs like 'With you' and 'Forever' are so sick.
Flo-rida- I like this guy's rapping. The only thing I hate about him is some of his songs contain vulgarity.
Jason Mraz- One of my favourite artists. His songs are relaxing and soothing such as 'I'm yours' and 'Lucky'.
Soulja Boy- I liked his so called song when he first appeared. Too bad his songs are meaningless.
Secondhand Serenade- I consider this band as an artist because it's a one-man band. So I'll refer this band as he instead of they. I don't really know much about him but his song 'Fall for you' is full of meaning. The ideal song for proposing.

Yup. Thats all. There are still a lot of artists out there which I never commented on yet. I didn't give comments about bands too. Maybe next time....

Friday, November 14, 2008


PMR results are coming out next month!! And I'm quite kan cheong. I wanna get 5A's and above, I'm really really desperate because my mum says she'll buy me a new cell phone if I get 5A's and above. My PMR subjects are unstable, so I'm confident and inconfident at the same time. Ok. So here are my PMR results prediction. I hope I'm right.

BM- this sub i don't think I can get A because usually during trials I'll crap in the essay. There was once when I crapped till I got an A. But there was once I crapped the essay out of the question. So this sub not quite confident.

BI- I'm most confident with this sub obviously. I got all correct for Paper 1. YAY!! So this sub is a must get A sub..

Maths- This sub also must get A but I'm still quite afraid because I always make careless mistakes. Got 1 wrong for Paper 1 so should be able to get A.

Science- This sub also must get A along with BI, Maths, Geo and KH. Got 1 wrong for paper 1. though I made a few careless mistakes in Paper 2, this sub should be able to get A. I'm gonna kick myself for one very stupid mistake. Instead of drawing a barchart, I drew a line graph. SO CARELESS!!

Sej- This sub no hope at all. Its just not for me. So this sub I have nothing to say..

Geo- I studied really hard for this sub. One day before this, I did 8 testpapers in a day. Really desperate to get A for this sub. So the paper came out not too hard but not too easy at the same time. I hope I can get A for this sub. If I don't, most probably my dreams will be shattered. So I depend on this sub a lot.

KH- This sub should be able to get A because the folio really helped a lot. I got 39/40 for folio so I'm quite confident with this sub.

BC- This sub is worse than sej because the standard of this sub at secondary school is so high. My parents also told me that they'll be satisfied if I pass this sub.

My prediction is 5A's. But still I'm not confident. So I must enjoy myself before " JUDGEMENT DAY" comes. HAHA!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hey ppl!! Hols are coming in two days. A lot of you out there are on cloud 9. For me not quite b'cause my hols already started after PMR. Still, I don't think that my hols are starting till I get my PMR results. Weird eh?? Haha. I do think that hols has its pros and cons. I hope y'all agree with me. Ok. So here are the pros and cons of hols, from my point of view of course.


- free from going to school
- don't need to wake up early( if you're schooling in the morning)
- very major one. NO EXAMS!! YEAH!!
- able to hang out with friends during weekdays
- NO STRESS!! links with exams huh??

- gets bored sometimes
- becoming FAT!!
- becoming lazy
- Aha! some of you suffer from this. MORE TUITION!!
- somehow you'll feel weird writing..

Thats all I guess. Agree with me? Leave a comment. So ppl out there, hols are not always that fun.HAHAHA!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Its been close to a month since PMR's over. Ppl do different stuff after exams. For me, I'll almost be locked home every day. Thats my life. But I always do weird stuff at home just because I feel so BORING.. I can call myself a couch potato now cuz I can almost watch any show being aired on tv. Kay. Here's my life. On a usual day I'll skip school because there's hardly anything to do in school. So I'll stay at home. Usually I'll wake up between 8 to 10 in the morning. If I'm lazy, I'll skip breakfast. Then I'll on the comp,my hp and the tv to start to do my It may sound weird though, but sometimes I'll be using the comp, sms-ing ppl, listening to the radio and watching tv in mute mode at the same time. What a pro am I huh?? LOL.. I even did something risky today. Ordering McD breakfast without my parents knowledge. I wasted 3 bucks of my hp credit just to call McDelivery.AARGHH!! But still I get to enjoy my breakfast. Hope I won't do this oftenly.HAHA!! Otherwise I'll become OBESE!!! Good thing my parents allow me to hang out with my friends at Queensbay or Gurney to eat out or watch a movie. Btw, thank God for them. I just hope that I can spend more time outdoors rather than staying at home laying eggs and accumulating my fat and need to spend more cash buying school trousers next year.=)HAHAHAHAHA


Joy is what fills the heart of they
which hold within the mysteries of a friend
A passion unknown unto words
Within them fall the tears of all things they endure as one
And from their eyes diamonds fall,
So precious every one
Dear within, the memories they caress with sorrow
And gather them today, for what may come of tomorrow
Priceless ever are these moments that we spend with those so dear
Comforting now to know that they are near
Yet there comes a day when they see the eagle soar
And feel within their hearts
A passion so much more
As we stand beside them when that gleam glows in their eyes
What comes of tomorrow
My friend's lost paradise
And though a distant barrier wells up within the heart
There is a joy inside
To know the joy of a dawning start
Standing there beside them on that road to paradise
We say goodbye and weep
Knowing they must also compromise
And so we hold them close and whisper in their ear
Please take with you these memories.
Then from the eyes,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


How can I survive?? Carin's gone. I miss her a lot. Till now I can't even look at any pics that has her face..I'LL SHED TEARS!! A lot of you ppl out there also miss her very much but what can we do?? Carin's a very nice girl and she'll make ppl feel comfortable around her. She's caring. But I can't really do anything but to just keep in touch with her there. Most of all, she's my best female friend. I knew her like since she was born. IT'S BEEN 13 YEARS PPL!! That's why I miss her so much. Last Saturday, I felt really weird during supper because she's not there. Sob sob... I just hope that I can move on without Carin. So sad. CARIN, PLEEEASE COME BACK A.S.A.P....


I think that High School Musical is only for kids. Anyway no offense to HSM fans but seriously this is one of the most lame movies I've ever seen!! When I saw the first one it was fine to me but after that when the 2nd and 3rd movie came out there was hardly any storyline!! But still I watched it just for the sake of following up. Anyway about HSM3, the award for the best actor and actress goes to........RYAN & KELSIE!! They have way better acting skills than Troy & Gabriella. There were only a few parts which I like in HSM3. Who agrees with me that HSM is a LAME movie?? HAHA!! I'm just having such a FUN time humiliating HSM. Anyway BOO SAMA HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!!


Well, I've created a blog. Now my blogging days have started. I was discussing about making a blog with a guy then he persuaded me to create one. So I thought, since I'm so free during the hols I should give it a try. So here I am with my first post. I'm still getting used to the tools in Blogger. It'll take a while for me to settle down. I hope that I'll not be lazy to update my blog in the future..
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