Friday, July 31, 2009

WHAT A WEEK.............

Weeks of Ups and Downs..
Tuesday was a disaster. It spoiled my week.
Piano practical exam. I had quite a number of wrong notes and stumbled thru one part of each piece. GOSH!!
What to do??
Nothing much. Just hope dat I can pass.
Since then my mood has been down.
Thursday revived me.
NO MORE BRACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
I felt like my teeth were released from prison after a sentence of 2 years.
But I'm feeling very weird without it cuz it felt insecure.
So yea. A week of ups and downs.
For now I just wana relax but too bad I can't.
My exams are coming. ISH!!!!
I better study hard this time and hope that I can push myself somehow to study.
Lol. Well that's all.........

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hello there. It's been a week. Ok. Let me start. I'll just summarise on what happened after the last time I blogged. I shall start with the alert cadet trip to Gopeng.

The main thing we went there was because of the whitewater rafting. So we stayed at a place called Harvest Haven. Quite a nice place. It has a basketball court, a soccer field and a swimming pool. We stayed in cabins and rooms. Well I'm lazy to blog about more so overall I had a great experience whitewater rafting. Lol.

Then Monday and Tuesday. Scrabble competition in school. I got 1st!! YAY!! Lol. I played the last 3 matches with the same opponent. Which was very boring. Good thing I won 2 out of 3 matches. At that time I was having a horrible headache and a tummy upset. I managed to survive though. Phew. Lol.

On Wednesday I joined the spelling competition in school. Btw it was English week. I advanced through a few rounds after spelling unknown words correctly. Lol. Then I spelled precocious wrongly. Instead I spelled precautious. Well that's the end of it.

On thursday, debate competition. Lol. The motion was It is Better to Study Locally than to Study Overseas. My team was the opposition. I was totally not prepared. Did a lot of impromptu stuff. Screwed up a lil. Lol. We lost but it was a great experience anyway.

Then today (Friday) my school had merentas desa. I jogged a wee lil bit only. Then walked throughout the whole track. After that I watched the finals of the debate competition. It was hillarious. It went out of topic for a few times. The motion was The Ban of Cellphones in School Should be Lifted. The opposition team won. Lol. I guess that's all for now. Byeeee.........

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well hello. I'm back again. All because of the stpid internet or modem or whatever. Lol. It's been quite a while since I blogged. Been very busy nowadays. Involved in a lot of things at church and school. Lol. I didn't talk about my toe. So since I don't think I have anything to blog about I should just talk about it. It's my toenail actually. Yea. So what happened was 2 weeks ago I was playin basketball as usual during PJ in my school. I jumped and landed on my toenail. The inside part was bleeding. It was not that pain. So me being silly continued playing. After PJ the pain was getting worse. I can't wear my shoe. So there were 2 periods in class where no teacher came in. So I decided to make a slipper for myself using newspapers. So with some help from a few friends the slipper was done. So yea. That was at school. I refused to consult a doc till Sunday when my mum sorta forced me to go pluck it out. When I was at the clinic the doc realized that my nail was not loose enough to pluck out. So I had to go to the clinic everyday for dressing. So yea. That's all I guess. My nail is much better now. 1 more thing. Lol. I'm having a flu since last week. And I only attended 2 and a half days of school last week. So till next time. That's all for now.
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