Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Guess what?? After 9 days since last Sunday, I can walk now!! But taking it slow. At least I can walk already. Lol. Like a robot walking slowly. Step by step. This is because my balance is not fully back yet. So, after my previous post, something different happened. I was supposed to go back to school right? Well I didn't. My mum saw that I was still very unstable. And the pain in my ankle was still a lot although the doc said I'll be healed in 3 days. So I went back to sleep. After a few hours I woke up again then she came back and took me to my doc. I mean the doc I consult every time. Lol. He referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon in Pantai Hospital. The doc phoned him and wrote a letter also. After that my mum took me there. We went to his clinic and waited for him. He came he treated the patients who had appointments first. When it was my turn, he took a look at my ankle and pressed it here and there. He said that there is a slight tear at the ligament. And guess what? I was admitted. It was quite unexpected for me. So after I did the X-ray the nurse pushed me to my ward. Wow!! The ward was quite spacious for a 4 bedded ward. My bed was 312C. Patients have their own TV and headphones too. So that when you watch TV you won't disturb other patients. See? Technology!! Lol. Ok. Back to my ankle. I need to wrap an ice pack thingy continuously. So after that the attendant took me to the integrated rehab. Lol. The physio place actually. Dunno why did they name it integrated rehab anyway. Guess who I met there? Jo Eve!! Well. A lot of you may not know who she is. But ppl like Rachel Yeoh, Rachel Ooi, Sarah Yeoh, Timothy Yeoh and Carin Ooi will know who she is. Right? Lol. Ok. The procedure of the physio. First the ice thingy for 15 minutes. Then some electric current thing to relieve the pain. Its like electric shock but a mild one. For 15 minutes also. Then ultrasound. Not the ones for pregnant women. Haha. Well. The physiotherapist will put some gel on my ankle then use the ultrasound thing to rub it around for 3 minutes. After that the physiotherapist will massage the ankle using Johnson's Baby Oil. Lol. Nvm. Just baby oil will do. Lol. Then after that I was pushed back to the ward by wheelchair. Had lunch. Well. The food there is considered quite ok for hospital food I guess. The next day I asked the doc when can I be discharged. He said 1 or 2 more days. So I stayed another night. The next day the doc advised me to take home leave otherwise if I walk too much my ankle will swell up again. So I took home leave and went to church. Yay!! Then I went back to the hospital the next day. Stayed another night and TA DAH!! I was discharged on Monday. Well it was quite relaxing at the hospital. Watched a lot of TV. Lol

Part 2. Yesterday my mum realized that my ankle swelled up a lil again. So she decided to cancel my physio appointment and asked my dad to take me to the chinese physician. Well I reluctantly went there. So he adjusted my foot here and there. Thank goodness it was not really painful. After cracking here and there, I was able to walk!! Wow!! But to me the physio and all the hospital treatments were still necessary. Otherwise it'll be very painful when the fella massages. That's all I guess. 1 thing really weird about chinese traditional docs. This guy advised me not to eat any other type of meat except for pork for the moment because all the other types of meat are toxic. Weird huh?? Haha. Anyways thanks for all your prayers and all those who visited me. Thanks a lot!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Gosh! How unfortunate I am. Sigh... Well. This is what happened.

As usual, I went to Jordan's house (I go there almost every Sunday). We were doing our usual stuff there. Then Jordan suddenly suggested to play basketball. So I asked my dad and he agreed with us. I and Jordan were all fired up then. So we pumped the ball and waited for the time to pass.
When it was almost 4 in the afternoon we got everything prepared and was about to walk there. But my dad insisted that he drive us to the place which is only nearby. He drove us there. So after that we started playing basketball while my dad did some exercising.
After some warming up with Jordan we started the 1 on 1 match. We were playing and playing until..........
I don't quite remember how it happened. If I'm not mistakened this is how it happened. I attempted to block Jordan's shot till I slipped or something and collided with him and landed on my right ankle. So I was lying on the floor grimacing in pain. Jordan 1st thought it was fake. Lol. After that my dad saw me rolling all over. Something like ROFL but its not. Haha. He came and helped me up. So we went back. The 1 on 1 match lasted not more than 5 minutes. What a waste.
We reached Jordan's place and I put some ice at the ankle which was already swollen. Then our parents said I have to go see a doc to check the condition. So after that we went to the clinic. The doc said that its not fractured. Its either a slight crack or a sprain. So I did an X-ray. After that the doc said that there's no cracks or anything. He said my ligament was crushed or something. Ouch!! Lol. The doc did dressing on my ankle. Oh I forgot to tell you guys. Haha. I was hopping around since I fell. And everyone was like staring at me in the clinic cuz my slippers sounded so loudly while I hopped.
After that we went back to Jordan's house again. The adults were chit-chattin'. I and Jordan was on the comp as usual. After that we went to church from Jordan's house to collect the crutches then we went home. Wow. I suffered man. I hate crutches. Pity me. Lol.
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