Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well I'm trying to make my blog survive. Lol. Long time no blog. Had exams which I hate but this time was ok (obviously cuz its the 1st test). Big thing to talk about: ISCA Can Cook!! Lol. My team didn't lose. We just didn't win. Haha. Well, for me, I had lotsa fun out there. =) Although we didn't win and we were the most unhygienic group, I liked it!! Lol. Rachel Yeoh's comment on our team is INSULTING. We didn't go there to win, but to enjoy!! =) Here's my side of the story...

First, the chicken. I did the pulling out of all the chicken crap. Haha. I had to cut open the chicken's butt then put my hand inside to pull out the chicken intestine and stuff. FUN!! The feeling of my hand inside the chicken is warm and when I'm diggin' and stuff it feels like the chicken is still living. The intestine was like never ending, the heart is a size of a thumbdrive I think, just a lil' fatter. All the chicken fats were rubbery. The rice took forever to cook. We fried the chicken first. Justin did the chopping. Not bad. Frying the chicken was a success!! It tasted not bad for us ppl as amateurs. =) After that, cleaning of the fish. The fish didn't have much scales so we didn't really scrap it. I lost my first kiss to the fish!! LOL. Random. Claudia made the cleaning easier by putting the fish into the other fish's stomach and clean. Cool!! We also saw the tongue. Lol. Next, frying the fish. We fried it normally till someone suggested to add eggs. I forgot who was that but its definitely NOT ME! (although I'm an egg lover) =) So we added the eggs into the frying wok. It came out not bad at all!! After that we fried tomyam fried rice!! By then the rice was cooked and we put the pot on the other stove to boil water for the soup (which took forever to boil also). Justin was frying then I tookover till I dropped the rice. Well, here's what happened. I was frying the rice, Claudia and Sarah were holding the handles of the wok to make sure the wok is balanced. Suddenly the wok tilted a lil' and touched my hand, so I got a lil' burnt then I drop a lil' rice. So yeah. But Justin took the rice and put it back into the wok. Lol. Hilarious!! That's 1 of the factors why we are the most unhygienic team. At the end the tomyam fried rice tasted good!! Even Yvonne Yeoh said it was good although it was a lil' soft. Haha. Next, the soup. We cooked ABC soup. Again, unhygienic. The leftover chicken parts for the soup were on the road. Lol. Who cares!! Still edible!! As I said we only wanted to have fun. =) Justin added corn starch into the soup and it became somewhat like stew!! Well, it still tasted ok. Lol. Frying the kangkung was ok, nothing much to talk about. Lastly the so called salad. Our salad only had tomato and chili sauce, cucumbers,tomatoes and the vege used for laksa. One piece of the vege had a caterpillar, which was a lil' yucky. Haha. That's all I guess. Y'all should know the placings and other stuff. =)

p/s Rachel Yeoh sounded like a mum naggin' =)
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