Thursday, February 26, 2009


BM, English, Modern Maths, Add Maths, Moral, Chemistry, Physics, Bio, Sejarah!!!!! AARRGH!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE FORM 4. No no. lol. I HATE STUDY!!!!!!! Studies are gettin' on my nerves!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!! Exams are comin'.. I'll sure fail at least 1 sub.Who wanna bet with me?? LOL.. Is like I'm releasin' my anger to my blog. Pity my blog. Sorry blog. Lol. I'm not even finished with my homework yet. I call it 'THE PILED UP 18'. 18 homeworks. Lol. Still catchin' up with it. Crap. I'm wastin' my time now huh??

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


At last!!! I get to blog. Before this I was busy with chess competiton & stuff. And after that my internet experienced problems. So finally after about 3 weeks, I revived my blog. Studies suck. I really hate it. I don't even think I like any subject in form4. Awwwwwwwwww Man!!!! Exams are approaching and me being a lazy bum wouldn't wanna study. But......... sigh.......... What to do? Must try to force myself to study. Crap!!!! I HATE IT!!!! Lol.. See?? I'm bloggin instead of studyin.... What a lazy me!!!! Nvm... I've come to a realisation that I dun understand a thing in Physics which is super boring. What's worse is a trainee teacher is teaching us. Thank goodness I take Physics tuition. Hmmmmmm......... 1 more thing before I go.. PPL OUT THERE, MY BLOG AIN'T DEAD YET!!!!!!!! Lol....

Monday, February 2, 2009


Well. School's back again after a week of hols. During CNY, I enjoyed myself a lot. Collecting angpau's, eating cakes and cookies, going out for some arcade. Haha. Had a fun time but having a bit of a sore throat now, after a whole week of pampering myself. Thank goodness my school pants still fits me. LOL.. There's one thing I really hate in school today. During the school assembly, there was an announcement stating that starting from tomorrow, disciplinary action will be taken toward boys with long, spiky and trendy hair. I'm scared. Hope I don't get caught. I also hope that I can survive this year. Add maths and Physics tuition is starting this month. I hate it pretty much. So....................... That's all. Haha. Later...............
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