Thursday, September 10, 2009


Dang!! I feel so super lazy to blog and to keep it alive. Sometimes I just feel like deleting my blog. Or am I just frustrated about stuff. Well this month Wilson is preaching bout lovey dovey stuff. I've changed a lot compared to a few months ago. I don't seem to know why. My hormones especially, are gettin' high. I think you guys know what I mean. It is just normal for ppl my age I guess. Rite?? Well I dunno. Lol. Before I end this super short post I wanna say that I PASSED MY PIANO EXAM. Yea. Grade 7. I didn't expect myself to pass at all. Cuz it was really bad. But thank God I passed. =)


Rachel said...

dearest reuben,
at least u know sth about yr hormones.
so keep it in control k?
its ok to like girls.just dont act on it now.

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