Friday, September 25, 2009


This is gonna be a short post I guess. Oh well.

1 morning I had nothing to do. So I went online to do usual stuff like updating my Plurk and log in to my Facebook.
So when I went on Facebook. I checked my notifications as usual. Well I din play any apps cuz I dun find any of them interesting. Lol. After that I realised that my profile info was empty. So I went to fill in those stuff. Then the status. Of cuz I'll put single. Unless I'm widowed or something. LOL. Which is ridiculous. So I put single. As you Facebookers know that whenever you set a status it'll come out on your friend's windows with the love thingy right?
Ok. That same day at night. I went for prayer meeting. I met Wilz and Rach. So I said Hi to them and stuff. Then Wilz asked me why did I set my status to single and since when it was complicated or something. Lol. I was like it was empty at 1st. I had nothing to do so I went to set my status. He still didn't believe. Swt. What to do? Haha...


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