Monday, October 5, 2009


Gosh! How unfortunate I am. Sigh... Well. This is what happened.

As usual, I went to Jordan's house (I go there almost every Sunday). We were doing our usual stuff there. Then Jordan suddenly suggested to play basketball. So I asked my dad and he agreed with us. I and Jordan were all fired up then. So we pumped the ball and waited for the time to pass.
When it was almost 4 in the afternoon we got everything prepared and was about to walk there. But my dad insisted that he drive us to the place which is only nearby. He drove us there. So after that we started playing basketball while my dad did some exercising.
After some warming up with Jordan we started the 1 on 1 match. We were playing and playing until..........
I don't quite remember how it happened. If I'm not mistakened this is how it happened. I attempted to block Jordan's shot till I slipped or something and collided with him and landed on my right ankle. So I was lying on the floor grimacing in pain. Jordan 1st thought it was fake. Lol. After that my dad saw me rolling all over. Something like ROFL but its not. Haha. He came and helped me up. So we went back. The 1 on 1 match lasted not more than 5 minutes. What a waste.
We reached Jordan's place and I put some ice at the ankle which was already swollen. Then our parents said I have to go see a doc to check the condition. So after that we went to the clinic. The doc said that its not fractured. Its either a slight crack or a sprain. So I did an X-ray. After that the doc said that there's no cracks or anything. He said my ligament was crushed or something. Ouch!! Lol. The doc did dressing on my ankle. Oh I forgot to tell you guys. Haha. I was hopping around since I fell. And everyone was like staring at me in the clinic cuz my slippers sounded so loudly while I hopped.
After that we went back to Jordan's house again. The adults were chit-chattin'. I and Jordan was on the comp as usual. After that we went to church from Jordan's house to collect the crutches then we went home. Wow. I suffered man. I hate crutches. Pity me. Lol.


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